Are you trying to locate where ENVY lives? It is the easiest place to locate.  Mr. ENVY now lives among Men and Women who are busy calling themselves MINISTERS of GOD.
If you want to know the true definitions, types, natures, characteristics, mechanisms, styles and structures of ENVY, just go and observe the ways our so called MINISTERS of God are interacting and relating with one another.
Even among our Ministers, the issue of ENVY can be clearly described with two proverbs:
1) If in case you are to miss the ball, do not miss the chance to break the leg of any player who appears to be more skillful.
2) If the rat cannot eat the beans, the rat must at least waste the beans.
However, Let all called, chosen, dynamic and faithful ministers be watchful. They must learn how to prayerfully avoid all these noise makers who appointed themselves as pulpits' erudite, emergency revivalists and empty theologians. They are the ones who see themselves as the Best and the First even when they are yet to give their own lives to Christ.
Yes, we need to avoid the descendants of Mr. Cain who murdered Mr. Abel out of ENVY.
I rest my fingers..

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