Satan and his agents are not going about with angry and hard faces. They are all over places displaying kindness and welcoming their preys with smiles.
Behold, these FAKE MINISTERS that are being sponsored by the Devil are professionals and experts when it comes to manipulating people with their artificial 'smile' and evil kindness.
They know how to present themselves as the ultimate lovers of the poor. They are the ones you will see pretending to be the 'DEFENDERS' sent by God to protect the needy. They will be going all over places displaying 'false humility' and they know how to purchase the Loyalty of their blind and brainwashed followers. They are the ones you will see HELPING the POOR only when the CAMERAS are present to showcase such events.
Their Chickens see them as kind masters, but what their Chickens failed to know is that they are only being 'cajoled' in preparations for the days they shall be brutally SLAUGHTERED for consumption.
They know how to use gathered informations as the sources of their 'ACCURATE' but FAKE prophetic visions.
They are of the their father the SERPENT who approached Mrs Eve Adam in the garden with a deceptive kind face and false humility. Mama Eve thought the Serpent was a gently, humble, kind and helpful PROPHET.
She embraced the Serpent's Promising Prophetic PROMISE. She saw in the SERPENT a PROPHET who came to DELIVER a MESSAGE which would made her to become like God. But by the time Eve realised the TRUTHS behind the Serpent's smile, it was too late.
Beware of Humble, Kind and Smiling DEMONS

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