INDIVIDUALS close to us and far from us are dying every second. We have at one time or another lost friends, families, church members workmates and schoolmates to the 'frozen' hands Death. They have EMBARKED on that journey of no return.
We all know that DEATH is must. Yes, We shall all stop breathing one day. But despite this REALITY, we have REFUSED to be WISE in our WAYS.
Even when we go to our individual Churches, it is always about how to fight for postions, titles and recognitions. We are so much concerned about the things of this world that we have forgotten that we do not know the exact DATE, PERIOD and MOMENT that WE are going to take that LAST breath.
Those who once occupied the positions we are fighting to occupy had died, and we too must know that we are all going to leave everything 'behind' us one day.
It is a pity, many who will DIE TOMMOROW are still busy planning and struggling for positions.
Many that will actually be deep inside their graves before the end of the week are still fully concerned about how they are going to be the ones to occupy the high Chairs in their places of worships. Behold, those who their COFFINS are fully ready are still busy exchanging blows over the crumbs of religion, flesh and lust.
Let us all learn to WISE in our WAYS

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